RZN8 is a new project of sound and vision, produced by Canadian/Mexican House music pioneer Joe Juarez and world renowned Canadian visual artist Laura Austen.

This RZN8 series is dedicate to all the music labels, Dj/producers, visual artists, clubs and promoters who have given their heart and soul to the dedication of the underground electronic sound. Along with the all the world wide clubbers and dance floor enthusiasts who make what we do so fulfilling.

Gracias, buckle up and enjoy the journey!

Special shouts to:

Danny Tenaglia

Chus & Ceballos - Stereo Productions

Hector Romero - Def Mix 

Sydney Blu - Knee Deep In Sound

Sean Ward : is a filmmaker, artist, and entertainer.  The Sean Ward Show is the #1 most watched cosplay comedy channel on YouTube and the star performer from RZN8 episode 001.

Stereo Nightclub Montreal, City At Night Ottawa, Mercury Lounge Ottawa, Escapade Ottawa, Circus After-hours Montreal, New City Gas Montreal, Salon Daome Montreal, AIM Festival, Coda Toronto, Nest Toronto, Sunnyside Pavillion Toronto, One Loft Toronto, Deep Therapy Ottawa, Pozativ Ottawa, Framework-White Rabbit Collective Ottawa, Music.Art.Ppl Ottawa, BRASHLIVE!, LPX DIGITAL, RAPTORS 416 ZONE, THE PALMS CASINO AND RESORT, PYROTEK, and to the many more djs, producers, and PROMOTERS across Canada and the globe. Bless.